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My name is Linda Jánošíková. I was born on 23rd May 1977 in a small town called Hodonín in Czech Republic.At college I studied ceramics and psychology. After leaving college I started painting pictures more intensively. I like psychology, animals, history, books, sport and art. You can find me as a guest on www.visibleart.net under a name “bernardeta“.  

Motto: You can only live from what you reshape or recreate

A man who can see a smile of the statue, beauty of the landscape or silence of the temple, actually discovers their own God. If I am bored, it means that I am loosing God in the first place.                                                                 Exupéry
In my work I get especially inspired and influenced by Christianity. However, I do not portray typical scenes from the Bible, instead I focus on things impressions or experiences that are elusive and sometimes inexplicable to a man. My work is mainly abstract. I'm fascinated by natural phenomena, human relations, the famous monumental works and music. My favourite techniques include tempera and charcoal drawing among others. Mostly I prefer to work on large formats.